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Digital Video Download: Learn ABC’s | Alphabet Videos for Kids



This ABC Series from Tea Time with Tayla includes fun educational phonics videos for children. Learn each letter of the English Alphabet, Sing the ABC Song, and ride the Alphabet Train! Join Tayla for over an hour of fun educational content for kids!

By the end of this ABC collection of videos, kids will have learned the ENTIRE English Alphabet and will sing the ABC song as a recap. Plus a BONUS episode of the ABC Train!

Quality: HD 1080p
Age Range: 2+
Length: 1 hour 10 mins
Format: mp4


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Episodes in this Series Include:
Letter A –
Letter B –
Letter C –
Letter D –
Letter E –
Letter F –
Letter G –
Letter H –
Letter I –
Letter J –
Letter K –
Letter L –
Letter M –
Letter N –
Letter O –
Letter P –
Letter Q –
Letter R –
Letter S –
Letter T –
Letter U –
Letter V –
Letter W –
Letter X –
Letter Y –
Letter Z –
ABC Song –
ABC Train –